A New Year – 2012

I know I’m a wee bit behind on this…but give me a little slack.¬† ūüôā¬† Growing a baby is exhausting work…and I haven’t felt much like blogging.¬† It is a new year though, and I do have a few plans and thoughts for the year.¬† Not sure I’d call them resolutions though. Continue reading


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Book and Movie review for Harry Potter #4. (You can find review of #1 here and #2 here and #3 here.)  This book is still by far my favorite in the Harry Potter saga.  Fast paced from the Quidditch World Cup in the beginning to the Mad Eye Moody conclusion.  I still find myself not wanting to put it down when I pick it up to reread.  Continue reading

A Child…is not Known

Let me say right from the start that I deeply love and want ALL of my children.¬† Being their mom is far from easy…and there are more then a few days were I wonder if I’m really up to the task…but at the end of the day I find my strength was sufficient and my heart has grown a little bit more.¬† A couple weeks ago I went in for our greatly anticipated anatomy ultrasound.¬† Everyone was so excited…me most of all.¬† The unknown was going to be made known…and all our convictions confirmed.¬† Our last little girl was on her way, right? Continue reading

Green Tomato Harvest

The killer frost I talked about last time ended my tomatoes in their tracks…and really made me sad.¬† I was looking forward to all those lovely tomatoes being turned into some very pretty jars of tomatoes.¬† With GadgetJunior’s help, we managed to pull off a HUGE tub of green tomatoes.¬† Sadly that was less then half of what had been there…but I was beyond done at the time.¬† That would have to do for a green tomato harvest.¬† The question then became – what to do with all those green tomatoes? Continue reading

Superhero Trio

I apologize for disappearing for a bit longer then I expected, but hopefully things have calmed down a bit and I can get back to writing here.¬† I’ll get back to the Harry Potter reviews next week.¬† This time I feel the need to do quick reviews a few of the Superhero movies that have recently come out. (Like with my other reviews…there might be spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie yet.) Continue reading

A Child…is Joyful

My heart is very full of joy today.¬† Not only do I have the best husband in the world…a man who is loving, patient and kind, and so very understanding when I need to be left alone because early pregnancy is kicking my rear…I also have the best kidlets in the world!¬† That makes all the pregnancy woes well worth it…and today’s appointment increased the joy exponentially. Continue reading

D.B. Tip #6

Tidy D.B. – a great use for one of those small crockpots!¬† I think they’re called “little dippers”.¬† I have one for heating herbs in oils…and it works great for this perfect little D.B. Tip.¬† Did you know you can use your crockpot as an air freshener?¬† Seriously!¬† Who’d have thunked it?¬† Morning sickness has been very rough the last couple of weeks…and smells have been the worst culprit.¬† I ran across this perfect idea at A Year of Slow Cooking and can honestly say it’s been a HUGE blessing.¬† Continue reading