Chicken Nugget Update

There’s a tiny bit of excitement and a tiny bit of disappointment going on with our Chicken Nugget adventures.  Though I think the disappointment is more on my part then with anyone else.

A couple of weeks ago we got our first egg.  It was quite exciting…silly  though that sounds.  But Wow!  The noisy hullabaloo that went on before the egg came was a tiny bit expensive.  From my research I knew that they’d get a little loud while laying.  But I didn’t expect the kind of sounds that were made.  Almost like honking…but not quite.  I don’t think there’s really any adequate way to describe the noise.  I also didn’t expect almost every chicken to mimic the layer’s calls.  The first couple of times I had to go out to make sure they weren’t being attacked.  They weren’t.  It was just Nellie trying to lay her first egg.  If I think about it…I can understand the noise…especially from a first time layer.  It’s got to be a bit scary…and maybe a bit painful?

Notice anything?

Yes, it is small.  But that was expected.  They’ll get bigger over the next few weeks.  Yes, there is a bit of something stuck on the shell.  That’s okay…it washes off.  Any other guesses?  Notice the color?  Yep…white.  Just white.

That wasn’t supposed to happen.  We were supposed to get brown and blue/green eggs from any of the Nuggets.  And the Americaunas are supposed to be blue.  So why is this one white?  Do the first few eggs not have their color yet?  Is something wrong with Nellie?

For nugget help I went to the BackYardChickens Forum…where everything you ever wanted to know about chickens can be found.  Literally!  This is what I learned:

This silly little face…is not an Americauna.  It’s a brown leghorn.  Like this famous critter…only brown.

Apparently the so called “expert” at the feed store where we got the Nuggets was wrong…more then once.  The 5 I was so excited to be Americaunas…with pretty blue eggs…and so nice with kids…are brown leghorns.  They’re not so good with kids…and every couple of days we’ll get white eggs.  Plain, boring old white eggs.  *sigh*  Feeling a tiny bit disappointed.  Good thing though…they’re really good egg layers…and that was our main focus…right?

Also…Sass and Goldie aren’t Orpingtons.  Sass is an easter egger…and will probably be the only one to give us blue to green eggs.  Goldie is a red sexlink…and like the black sexlinks will give us brown eggs.  At least that’s the hope.  Time will tell I guess.

Nellie was the first…and she seems to be laying quicker and easier…with little noise any more.  I think there are 2 other leghorns laying now…not 100% sure…but I think so.  And we got a brown egg yesterday…but I didn’t see who laid it.

They’re almost all out of the starter/layer mix feed…should be all out today.  So by Monday, we can finally start eating the eggs they give us.  For those who don’t know…the starter grow feed is medicated to guard against a pretty nasty chicken disease that can kill chicks.  There’s mixed opinions on how safe eating eggs from chickens who eat this stuff…but I’m not willing to chance it with my kidlets.  We already have enough problems.  😀  I will say though…it’s been mighty hard throwing these eggs out.  Monday can’t come fast enough for any of us!


One thought on “Chicken Nugget Update

  1. Well, you are finally on your way. Once you can enjoy eating the eggs it will be a big plus…and wipe out all the problems getting there… It is really a shame about the mix up on the type of chickens you had…If Sassy is the only one laying blue/green eggs, you will always know when she is laying and how long it is between clutches of eggs…

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