Winter Garden

This is what my garden looked like a couple of months ago.  See the tomato forest?  Beautiful isn’t it?

This is what my garden looks now…after the couple of freezes we had.  Needless to say, I’m not a happy gardener.  But I’m hoping that the even though they look pretty horrible on the top, the roots have been protected for the most part.  I’ve had that happen before with a couple of tiny grape tomatoes.  If January continues to be mild and nice, then I should know by mid-February.  The challenge will be restraining myself from clearing out the dead stuff.  Our weather can be fairly unpredictable this time of year (ok…most of the year)…the dead stuff acts as a protection to the roots if the weather dips again.  *crossing fingers* that it doesn’t.

At least my radishes are looking lovely.  I’ll be planting some more winter/early spring seeds over the next couple of weeks: lettuce, chives, peas, and various herbs.  Come mid-February I’ll start planting things like peppers, melons, and more tomatoes…if these don’t come back.


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