Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

There are certain events in our lives that burn their memories in our hearts and minds.  Some of them are “sweet and fluffy” like the birth of a child or a perfect gift given.  Some are triumphant, like a hard won victory and a challenge met and conquered.  Some are “bitter – sweet” like hard lessons learned and the loss of a loved one.  And then there are the rare few that have few words to describe them.  They’re the ones that take our breath away, and fill our hearts with indescribable grief and our minds with inconsolable questions.  They’re the ones that make the world stop turning and burn so deep they mark the soul.  They will always be remembered…and never forgotten. Continue reading


Royal Lessons

ohand Of the butterfly kind!  When we moved here, we promised CareBear that she could have a butterfly be some milkweed…the food of the Monarch Butterfly.  She has watched over and cared for that plant all the while keeping a close look out for her favorite butterfly.  This last month she finally saw success in her efforts.  At least we thought so… Continue reading

I Did Nothing Wrong

ihand The anger and persecution directed at the LDS Church over California proposition 8 has been disappointing and troubling. This whole election year has been troubling in one form or another. It’s all very tiring. My voting choices were not shallow or vindictive, but were researched, studied and yes, even prayed over. I didn’t vote on Prop8, but I did have the opportunity to vote on a similar proposition in my state. And opportunity it was…voting in this grand Country IS an opportunity…and one I don’t take lightly. Continue reading