D.B. Tip #6

Tidy D.B. – a great use for one of those small crockpots!  I think they’re called “little dippers”.  I have one for heating herbs in oils…and it works great for this perfect little D.B. Tip.  Did you know you can use your crockpot as an air freshener?  Seriously!  Who’d have thunked it?  Morning sickness has been very rough the last couple of weeks…and smells have been the worst culprit.  I ran across this perfect idea at A Year of Slow Cooking and can honestly say it’s been a HUGE blessing.  Continue reading


Healing Ear Pain

Poor CareBear has been suffering for over a week now from one of the upper respiratory illnesses going around.  Don’t worry.  She’s being watched close and is now well on her way to being back to normal.  The downside is that she’s missed a weeks worth of seminary, and had to suffer through her final exams for this block…coughing the whole way through.  (She did very well by the way.)  To make matters worse,  midweek she developed an earache.  I’m sure everyone knows the kind I mean.  The ones that seem annoying at first…during the day…but then turn into wicked torture somewhere around midnight. Continue reading

Burn Healer

uhand A few weeks ago, GadgetMan took the 3 older kidlets on a Ward camping trip.  I wasn’t feeling up to it and kept the younger ones home with me to give the older ones a break and some time with daddy.  The directions weren’t accurate on time so they didn’t get there until after dark, got rained on, the tent leaked while they slept, and they got thoroughly dirty the next day….a typical camping trip.  CareBear made a friend out of a former “enemy” and got teased for hanging out with a boy.  KnightJester and GadgetJunior got their teeth rattled on the dune buggy rides and climbed every rock and log in the area.  I think they all had a blast.  At least they all got some fresh air and freedom.

The only real mar on the whole trip happened at the end, Continue reading