Healing Ear Pain

Poor CareBear has been suffering for over a week now from one of the upper respiratory illnesses going around.  Don’t worry.  She’s being watched close and is now well on her way to being back to normal.  The downside is that she’s missed a weeks worth of seminary, and had to suffer through her final exams for this block…coughing the whole way through.  (She did very well by the way.)  To make matters worse,  midweek she developed an earache.  I’m sure everyone knows the kind I mean.  The ones that seem annoying at first…during the day…but then turn into wicked torture somewhere around midnight.

I’m going to say something right from the start.  I believe strongly in natural healing.  I’ve witnessed some true miracles with the natural healing approach.  But I also support our modern medical science…especially when I get to interact with some pretty amazing medical people.  I truly believe that DoubleD would not be here without the blessings of modern medicine.  Maybe because we’ve had to deal with medical situations (not just with DoubleD) more often then I’d have liked, I now have more confidence in my own abilities to heal my family in natural ways…and only use modern medicine when truly needed.  Our bodies are really amazing things.  Given the right things, they can usually work themselves back to health.

(I’m also going to emphasize that even though I love sharing my love for things like herbs and essential oils, and I’m willing to share what has worked for my family, I’m not a medical person.  Use my advice with common sense and consult with your own medical persons.  And definitely seek medical help in emergencies.  I won’t be held liable or anything like that.  Just saying…)

When it comes to earaches, from the time it turns wicked, I give any home remedy 24 hours to show improvement.  If it doesn’t…or if there’s any fever above 100 or any oozing…I get them in right away to their wonderfully amazing pediatrician.  That happens very rarely any more though.

When CareBear woke in horrible pain, just after midnight, these are the things I did.  To help with the pain immediately, I had her try some over the counter herbal earache drops.  Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.  An earache is usually caused by swelling, fluid build up, and/or infection.  The pain drops didn’t help…so I figured we were probably dealing with a bit of all three.  Next I tried some garlic oil and GSE (grapefruit seed extract).  Oh a big note here…make sure anything put in the ear is NOT cold or too hot.  Cold can make the pain worse…as can too much heat…as well as cause damage in a short amount of time.  The perfect temperature is just barely above body warmth…test a bit on your wrist.

The garlic/GSE mixture didn’t seem to help this time…usually that’s all that’s needed.  So then I pulled out the essential oils and vapor rub.  Putting a little vapor rub behind and under the ear…in that canal behind the jaw bone…helps to open the Eustachian tubes and drain any fluid build up there.  The essential oils that I tried…and are supposed to be good for ear pain…were lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and (single drop of) clove.  Just a drop or two of each in a couple tablespoons of olive oil.  ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! dilute essential oils in a carrier oil…especially when dealing with children!  Olive oil is great because it contains healing properties of it’s own.  After putting some of this in her ear, covering with a cotton ball, I then rubbed the area in front of her ear.  This helps the oils coat the inner ear and can help open the Eustachian tube too.  Another comforting thing to do is put a warm compress over the ear.  The heat can feel really good.  I have “rice packs” that can be warmed in the microwave just for these kinds of things…but I’ve also warmed up favorite blankies in the drier to snuggle them in.

CareBear didn’t need the heat this time.  (To be completely honest I forgot until she was almost better.  Hey! It was after 1 in the morning…I don’t think all that fast that time of the day.)  Within minutes of putting the essential oils in, the pain was nearly gone.  Shortly after that she was back to sleep…with no other problems.  (Took me almost another hour to get back to sleep…but this isn’t about me…) She asked for another dosing in the morning when she felt a bit of pressure, but the pain never returned.



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