Mars Needs Moms, Pure Country 2 & Tangled

Finally!  A couple of weeks of fairly decent movies!

Pure Country 2 wasn’t as good as the first, in my opinion, but I wasn’t completely yawning and gagging through it either. I do have to admit that I found myself laughing at the 3 angels.  That was just a wee bit cheesy.  Okay…more then a wee bit.  I did love the music though…and even though I don’t consider myself a modern romantic, I do love true romance (where men act like gentlemen and girls know how to be ladies…or at least they learn how to be so).  Overall I smiled through this movie…which seems to be hard to do lately.

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ehand For those who don’t know Bolt is an animated movie about a boltdog who thinks he has super powers.  He plays a super dog in a television series trying to help his “person”, Penny (Miley Cyrus), save her father from the evil Dr. Calico.  Continue reading


ehand I have to admit that I was slightly, slightly disappointed in this movie the first time watching it through. WALL-E is about a little robot that apparently is the last of a fleet of little robots created to clean up the waste on a devastated Earth. It appears that he’s been alone a very long time, and even though he dutifully goes about doing the job he was created for, Wall-E has developed a few human-like qualities. He has learned how to “survive” by replacing old and worn parts salvaged from the other now non-operational robots. His pet is a cockroach. He collects what he thinks are interesting things and saves in his cluttered “home”. And he has a fascination for a really old movie about music, dancing and love. Continue reading

Tinker Bell

ehand I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this Disney movie. With so many Barbie movies lately, which I feel gets a little sicky sweet sometimes, I was a little worried Tinker Bell would be trying to follow those movies. My girls do like the Barbie movies (at least the ones that we’ve seen), but I, personally, find them hard to watch for long. Tinker Bell wasn’t like that. I actually found myself enjoying “Tink” as much as my children. Continue reading