Tinker Bell

ehand I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this Disney movie. With so many Barbie movies lately, which I feel gets a little sicky sweet sometimes, I was a little worried Tinker Bell would be trying to follow those movies. My girls do like the Barbie movies (at least the ones that we’ve seen), but I, personally, find them hard to watch for long. Tinker Bell wasn’t like that. I actually found myself enjoying “Tink” as much as my children.

Tinker Bell is “born” and her “job” as a Tinker fairy chooses her. After seeing all the amazing abilities of the other kinds of fairies, it’s no wonder Tink isn’t happy with her calling. As she tries to change her fairy gifts to what she (and another snobbish fairy) feels are better, and after making some doozy mess-ups, Tink learns that she doesn’t have to change herself to be important. The message of enjoying and making the best of who you are is a good one…and one that I feel should be heeded more often. The added talent of being able to find “lost” things, I’m sure is going to open the door to more movies for Tinker Bell. I like that the movie wasn’t all about girl fairies and girly issues. There were boys who filled important roles as well…which made it a little easier for my boys to watch.

The only thing that I didn’t like all that much, was the fairy clothing. But I do have to admit that not all the fairies were dressed in what I feel is immodest attire. I also understand that how Tinker Bell is dressed is as much who she is as her name. Even my FireBird (who loves and adores Tinker Bell) noted right off that the newly created Tink dressed in white with her hair down was NOT Tinker Bell. She was a bit upset until Tink changed…then all was right with her.

Over all, I think this movie was very enjoyable and one that I wouldn’t mind recommend and see again.



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