Squash Bug War Final Tally

A few skirmishes  are being fought here and there, but for the most part I think the war is over.  It was a hard won victory.  Though “victory” is probably not the best way to describe the outcome. With a heavy heart I must report heavy casualties…on both sides.  Continue reading


“Come into my Parlor” said the Spider to the Fly

Or in this case…said the Soap to the Squash Beetle.  I’ve been struggling the last few weeks with a squash bug infestation in my garden.  At first I didn’t worry overly much about it.  In the past I’ve had great success with Safe Solutions.  But either these are super bugs with kryptonite armor or the Safe Solutions product has changed.  I’m disheartened to think that I’m not going to be able to rely on this product any more.  But I’m a results kind of person, and if nothing else has changed and it’s not working effectively against squash bugs, then I can’t trust it to work right in other areas. Continue reading