Squash Bug War Final Tally

A few skirmishes  are being fought here and there, but for the most part I think the war is over.  It was a hard won victory.  Though “victory” is probably not the best way to describe the outcome. With a heavy heart I must report heavy casualties…on both sides. 

The pumpkins tried valiantly to hold out, but in the end couldn’t recover.

The cucumbers sacrificed themselves early in the war.  The melons are still fighting with one lone soldier…a simple survivor found buried in the debris.

The zucchini appears to be doing okay despite the sad appearance of a few of it’s leaves.  Hopefully constant vigilance will keep this little fighter around for a while.

The Squash Bug War seems to be over for the most part.  Unfortunately, in our area battles for life and survival in the garden is an ongoing struggle.  While focusing on the squash bugs, 2 other pests preformed a sneak attack.  I’m not sure how ants and mosquitoes are related on the “bug’s tree of life”, but they can both leave some pretty nasty bites on human skin.  I’m not sure what is worse.  The bug that can decimate my crops in a few short weeks…or the bug that views me as the ultimate enemy…or the bug that can do both!

On a brighter note…this little guy…

…and his little buddy…

…were found buried in the pumpkin rubble.  CareBear thinks they might be the seeds she accidently dropped while helping plant earlier in the season.  They may also be from seeds dropped from the tomato “bush” that grew in that area last year.  In either case…I take it as evidence that life will always find a way…even when things seem the worst.


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