Optimistic Gardener

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” Ms. Frizzle

A Master Gardener I am not. But I love to garden and I try valiantly to have a productive garden each year. In the words of Ms. Frizzle — “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” That’s the way I garden. If there’s something I want to try growing, I very rarely let someone else tell me it can’t be done here. I view that as a challenge! I also plant with all confidence that my efforts will bring forth good and wonderful green growing things…at least that’s always my goal. Not all of my garden ventures have been successful, but at least I dig my hands into the dirt and try. There have even been times I’ve surprised the nay-sayers and have gotten some amazing results.

The “Optimistic Gardener” is all about my gardening adventures. And maybe some where along the way, I’ll encourage someone else to start their own gardening adventures. There’s nothing like sinking your fingers into the warm earth, watching life grow as a result of your hard work, smelling the green and colored goodness around you, and enjoying the sweet and savory tastes and smells of your patient efforts.

Come play in the dirt with me and we’ll see what we can grow!

Update: Due to various reasons, the Chicken Nuggets went to a new home.  Perhaps in the future we will keep chickens, but not for quite awhile I think.

Chicken NuggetsThere are new additions to our gardening adventure.  Chickens!  Join us as we grow in this new area of discovery…and eggs.


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