Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Book and Movie review for Harry Potter #3. (You can find review of #1 here and #2 here.)  I can’t say this is very high on my favorites.  This one was more of a bridge or sideline plot in the Harry Potter saga…at least it seemed that way to me.  I liked it well enough, and it does move the story along by giving a few more pieces of the puzzle regarding what happened to Harry’s parents…but it wasn’t my favorite.

I’m still going to give the book a 5 hand rating…because I can still pick it up like the others and reread whenever I want.


I loved how they did the dementors!  What was slightly disappointing about the movie is how dark it seems to be.  I understand the subject matter is a bit dark…but when I have to adjust my tv settings just to see what is going on, it’s too dark.  I’m also disappointed by the fact that Harry’s patronus only goes corporeal that once.  I think what saved the movie for 5 hand status for me was the character development.  My all time favorite part was when Hermione punched Malfoy…perfect!


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