Summer/Fall Garden

With all the busy craziness happening here, my poor garden (and yard) has been shamefully neglected.  Our hydroponics experiment had many successes and a few failures.  Earlier this year we reevaluated my garden and decided to redo a few things.  This worked great when we decided to start the chicken nugget adventure…our redesign didn’t take much to adjust for the chickens.  Unfortunately, redesigning also delayed my garden this year.  Not ideal, but life happens and we move on.  🙂 Continue reading


Garden Triumphs

ohand Winter seemed to drag its feet into spring and now spring is racing into summer.  Even though our weather here doesn’t get to freezing very often, little spring is still frustrating for gardens.  Weather in the high 90s and low 100s is always hard on young plants…any plant really.  I always worry that my little garden is going to scorch.  But so far so good.  Things are covered and shaded as need be and seem to be doing well if not thriving.  Here are a few pictures of my particular triumphs. Continue reading

Garden Hair Cut

ohand Another step in the “Operation Fix the Garden” is complete. Last weekend we finished the winter pruning. We’re still feel like novices, but after watching a true Master Gardener prune his trees I think we’re feeling quite a bit more confident. I don’t have pictures of the citrus yet. Most of the pruning on those was shaping anyways. But here are pictures of the apple, pomegranate and grape vines.

What Is It?

ohand Something has been eating the bark off my apple tree. I’ve looked all over the area, but can’t find the culprit. It doesn’t really appear to be harming the tree..but I don’t want it to go far enough that it might. So I’m going to post these pictures in the hopes that someone will recognize this and help me out. I also plan on sending the images to our local Cooperative Extension…they’ve helped me out in the past regarding our toad resident. Hopefully someone can help me figure this out. Continue reading

Introducing my Garden

ohand Maybe I should have titled this embarrassing confessions. My sister was asking if my garden was still green, so I figured this was probably as good a time as any to introduce my garden to all of you. Before you shake your head in shock and disappointment, and ask how I could ever consider myself a gardener, know that my garden doesn’t always look like this. The nasty bermuda grass, spurge and other weeds have gotten out of control because I haven’t been able to do all the gardening I need to because of a back injury I got while having the baby. We have plans that will should address the weed problem and hopefully make my garden productive and efficient again. I’ll post the progress and updates as we go…and maybe all my adventures will inspire someone else to start their own garden. Besides…as GadgetMan once told me, we can’t all have gardens like Martha Stewart…some of us have to pull all our own weeds and squish our own bugs — 2 things that remind this optimistic gardener that the Garden of Eden I do not have. But I try, and that’s what’s important. Continue reading