A Child…is Adorable

ahand The other day, GadgetMan and I snuck out to do a little shopping.  The shopping center that we went to has a few round sculptures outside some of the doors. Continue reading


Burn Healer

uhand A few weeks ago, GadgetMan took the 3 older kidlets on a Ward camping trip.  I wasn’t feeling up to it and kept the younger ones home with me to give the older ones a break and some time with daddy.  The directions weren’t accurate on time so they didn’t get there until after dark, got rained on, the tent leaked while they slept, and they got thoroughly dirty the next day….a typical camping trip.  CareBear made a friend out of a former “enemy” and got teased for hanging out with a boy.  KnightJester and GadgetJunior got their teeth rattled on the dune buggy rides and climbed every rock and log in the area.  I think they all had a blast.  At least they all got some fresh air and freedom.

The only real mar on the whole trip happened at the end, Continue reading

A Child…is Funny

ahand I love the way a child thinks. Even when it takes some effort to decode at times, it’s always fun to see how a child thinks. In a child’s mind, A+B always equals C…it’s just that “C” doesn’t always mean “C” to the adult thinking. “C” can be surprising, confusing, shocking and very funny. But if you think about it, this is exactly what keeps us adults on our toes and smiles on our faces. Continue reading

Health and Wellness

uhand It has been a long couple of months with only the smallest glimmer of relief on the horizon.  Our little family has been hit hard by a nasty virus that apparently has been “going around”.  (Don’t you love that?  Everyone seems to say that…”it’s been going around”.)  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to take one or another kidlet for fever, cough and/or ear infection.  And the long nights of coughing and “breathing watches” is definitely taking it’s tole.  I think I got a little over confident with how we breezed through the winter months with hardly a sniffle…and because of that I think I kind of expected this “virus” to run it’s course pretty quickly.  I didn’t put into action a lot of our “illness plans” when I should have…and as time and energy drained away I even forgot there was an “illness plan”.  Funny how exhaustion can do that. Continue reading

A Child…is Progressing

ahand (Most of this post to test a new blog writing program, but…) It’s always fun to watch a child learn something new.  LittleMiss has shown very little interest in walking…except along furniture.  Yesterday she suddenly got past her reluctance and started walking all over the place. 🙂 And the best part is watching the joy that blossoms on her face when she realized that she could do it. 🙂


Royal Lessons

ohand Of the butterfly kind!  When we moved here, we promised CareBear that she could have a butterfly be some milkweed…the food of the Monarch Butterfly.  She has watched over and cared for that plant all the while keeping a close look out for her favorite butterfly.  This last month she finally saw success in her efforts.  At least we thought so… Continue reading