Art Healing

Art is a guarantee of sanity. —Louise Bourgeois

2017 is my year of healing.

Roughly 8 years ago, my tiny world began a slow spin out of control.  About 4 years ago, that slow spin escalated exponentially.  In that time…I nearly lost all control twice.  If not for Divine intervention and the unconditional love of family and friends, I would  have destroyed/damaged more then my own life.  Yep…suicide.

I’m no longer afraid, nor ashamed/embarrassed, to admit that.

Increasing physical disability and pain; compounding layers of loss and grief; crumbling foundations of faith and belief; and an undiagnosed anxiety/depression disorder…all swirled and boiled together to make one huge pot of unstable crazy soup.  I literally thought, at one point, that insanity was my new lot in life…a life I couldn’t see any worth completing.

Thankfully, life thought I was worth completing.

Art therapy has become one of my favorite coping and healing “tools”.  It truly and literally keeps me sane. sane as I’ll ever be.  🙂

Come join me.  Let’s color and paint together!

  • Scripture Art Journaling
  • Ceramics
  • Phoenix Fairies

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