A Child…is not Known

Let me say right from the start that I deeply love and want ALL of my children.  Being their mom is far from easy…and there are more then a few days were I wonder if I’m really up to the task…but at the end of the day I find my strength was sufficient and my heart has grown a little bit more.  A couple weeks ago I went in for our greatly anticipated anatomy ultrasound.  Everyone was so excited…me most of all.  The unknown was going to be made known…and all our convictions confirmed.  Our last little girl was on her way, right? Continue reading


A Child…is Joyful

My heart is very full of joy today.  Not only do I have the best husband in the world…a man who is loving, patient and kind, and so very understanding when I need to be left alone because early pregnancy is kicking my rear…I also have the best kidlets in the world!  That makes all the pregnancy woes well worth it…and today’s appointment increased the joy exponentially. Continue reading

A Child…is not a Hostage

…unless you’re talking about food allergies/intolerance/sensitivities.  I spent my birthday night being held hostage to the intestinal pain brought on by something I ate.   But I’m not sure what’s worse.  Being held hostage by this unfair craziness, or watching a child suffer the same fate.  Sometimes life feels very unfair. Continue reading

A Child…is Growing

That should be obvious, right?  But sometimes just how much a child grows catches me by surprise.  Then on the other hand, when a child doesn’t grow as expected can be worrisome.  Thankfully the latter situation has only happened a small handful of times…and now anyone would be hard pressed to guess which of my children had growing issues.  Keeping up with everyone as they grow, is one area I always feel like I’m stumbling to keep up.  It seems like every time I turn around someone needs new shoes or shirts or pants or socks or…well you get the idea.  What makes me feel really guilty is when a child gets new shoes…and goes up several sizes.  Makes my toes ache. Continue reading

A Child…is Everywhere

When we had our first child, it quickly became apparent that the way we’d always done things were going to change dramatically.  Having a child was one of the best decisions we ever made.  It’s also been one of the most stressful, frustrating and exhausting!  Our lives are no longer our own.  Everyone thinks that their child belongs to them.  That’s not true.  You belong to your child!  What makes it worse, is that a child has abundant energy…and quickly learns to be EVERYWHERE! Continue reading

A Child…is not Digital

Though it’s probably more accurate to say that this Mommy raising A Child…is not Digital.  I remember when my parents brought home our first computer.  It was an Apple.  I remember my first “computer science” class in school.  We used floppy discs.  I remember our first dial up connection.  We were just married.  Things have changed so much! Continue reading

A Child…is not Buoyant

According to the CDC, nationally “drowning is the…second leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14 years” and “for every child who dies from drowning, another four received emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries”…injuries that usually affect brain function.  Not a happy thought.  To make things worse, we live in a state were drowning is the leading cause of death in children.  Probably because we’re one of those hot states where everyone owns a pool or knows someone with a pool.  During swimming season (which seems like half the years), it feels like the news stations are reporting pool related accidents regarding children…daily.  Being a mom of small children, this is heartbreaking…and worrisome. Continue reading

A Child…is Amazing

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love children.  I was going to have a hundred when I grew up!  It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that I think children are amazing…especially my own children.  They’re constantly amazing me with this and that so I thought I’d brag on one of them for a minute (or two or three). Continue reading