A Child…is not Digital

Though it’s probably more accurate to say that this Mommy raising A Child…is not Digital.  I remember when my parents brought home our first computer.  It was an Apple.  I remember my first “computer science” class in school.  We used floppy discs.  I remember our first dial up connection.  We were just married.  Things have changed so much!

Now everything is digital in one way or another.  You’d think that being married all these years to GadgetMan (who was programming computers long before I even thought about computers), I’d be more knowledgeable and comfortable with this constantly changing digital world.  But maybe that’s why I’m not all that comfortable with it all…just when I think I understand something, it changes again.  I think I’m better then I was when we first got married, but there are things that I still don’t understand…or tend to stress me out.  I still prefer reading a paper book…and writing still comes easier with pen in hand.

Unfortunately, I fear I’ve passed on a bit of my uneasiness to my oldest.  Even though computers have been a part of her life from the beginning, I don’t allow a lot of mind-numbing day-to-day play on them.  Their schoolwork is done with “pen in hand” and they’re required to run around and play.  Perhaps I focused a little too much on this though.

CareBear is starting High School this year…an online High School.  There are on campus activities…but all of her academics will be done online…with a computer…engaging in the digital world.  Her nervous anxiety is mostly my fault.  But the good news is that her Daddy is GadgetMan.  With just one night of helping her understand part of her first class in online learning, she’s now feeling a lot more confident and ready to take on this grand new adventure.  It won’t be long before she out distances me in this digital world…but that’s really no surprise…nor is it sad or upsetting for me.  Look out world…a Child is coming into the digital world!


One thought on “A Child…is not Digital

  1. Be thankful that in the early on you and Gadget Man gave your children the computer knowledge that now is so necessary in this world..They are one up on a lot of students who have to take classes in computers, just to be able to take other basic classes…

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