A Child…is Growing

That should be obvious, right?  But sometimes just how much a child grows catches me by surprise.  Then on the other hand, when a child doesn’t grow as expected can be worrisome.  Thankfully the latter situation has only happened a small handful of times…and now anyone would be hard pressed to guess which of my children had growing issues.  Keeping up with everyone as they grow, is one area I always feel like I’m stumbling to keep up.  It seems like every time I turn around someone needs new shoes or shirts or pants or socks or…well you get the idea.  What makes me feel really guilty is when a child gets new shoes…and goes up several sizes.  Makes my toes ache.

I have found a great solution for PJs.  One of our Christmas Eve traditions is that everyone gets new PJs.  I really like for them to have at least 2 pairs…because this is usually the only time they get them.  But that can get quite expensive.  Especially when PJs are one of those things that I can’t get too early in the year…or else they’ve out grown them before they even get them!  As it is, they end up wearing PJ “shorts” by the end of the years.

A few years ago, I thought it might be more economical if I just made PJs…at least the bottoms.  But after calculating the cost of materials, it turned out to be cheaper to just buy them.  Then last year I discovered a way to make PJs for really cheap.  The kidlets got 4 pairs of PJ bottoms…each!  How do you ask?  What’s the secret?  Sheets.  Yep…sheets!  Sheets are just fabric…and when you grab some on clearance, they’re cheap.  Last year I grabbed some really cheap ones on clearance just after the return to college sales.  They were a bit “obnoxious” colors where sheets are concerned (at least in my mind), but I figured that they were just going to be PJs.  The boys got lime green…and the girls got hot pink.  And to make them even more special, GadgetMom painted on a cute design for each of them.

What’s even more great about doing it this way, is that I can cut and sew the basics now in September or October…and then do all the hemming and elastic in December.  😀  That definitely helps with the Holiday stress factor!


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