Nugget Update

I hadn’t realized it’d been so long since I updated how the chickens were doing.  The girls are now about 8 weeks old, and they’re far from the little fluffs we started out with.  For the most part the coop was completed last weekend.  There’s a few minor things to finish, but nothing that stopped us from moving them outside for good.  They’ve been in the Nugget Manor for about a week, and the only thing we’ve had to really worry about has been the heat.  116 degree weather makes all of us more then a little bit cranky.

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Bully Times Two

Ever notice that bully behavior rarely happens in lone situations?  The bully always seems to have a buddy (or two or three)…and for some, bully behavior seems to give them permission to suspend all moral and ethical convictions.  It’s sad when humans do this…you’d think human intelligence would teach us to be better…but human intelligence doesn’t always mean human smarts. Continue reading

Responsibility and Stewardship

There have been quite a few talks about responsibility and stewardship around here lately.  Mostly in regard to taking care of the chickens.  They’ve been out of the cute little fluffy stage for a little bit now and are well into the “teen” stage.  My kidlets are beginning to realize that having these chickens means more work and responsibility for all of us…which isn’t completely a bad thing. Continue reading