A Child…is the Reason

ahand (I’m a few days late with this…illness has a way of eating time faster then expected.) A simple phrase heard a lot this time of year – “the reason for the season”. It usually refers to the Savior and is strongly believed by my family and I. But it can have a deeper meaning when prefaced with “A Child”. The Savior’s birth is the main reason for the season…and is worthy of celebration. But this is also a time of year for all children. And I think that is as it should be. Didn’t the Savior request that the little children be brought to him when his Disciples would have turned them away…fearing they’d bother their tired Master? Haven’t we been told and cautioned that “doing it unto the least of these” was like doing it unto Him? And how many can see the look in a child’s face at the wonders around them and doubt that this time of year is for them? It’s not hard to see how easy it is for a child’s innocence and wonder to spread like a warm ray of light. As I have watched my children this Holiday season, my own disappointment and dislike for this time of year is slowly but surely being melted by their wonder and joy. I can’t say I have an overwhelming love for the Holidays now, but I think I might come to enjoy the season again someday. I think it’s the worldly view of the Holidays that has caused me to become disillusioned over the last couple of years. Perhaps it’s time to ignore all of that and remember “the reason for the season”. It’s time to focus on “A Child” born in a manger long ago…and my own children who recognize that joyful wonder even when I forget.baby