Happy Pampering

For anyone who hasn’t heard the news yet…which I doubt is very many because my simple little blog lacks many visitors at the moment…but just in case there’s one or two who haven’t heard…we’re expecting our 7th kidlet next summer.  Before anyone gets all worried or excited, we are aware that this is an early announcement.  I have a good reason for it though.

One of the reasons my blog went into a hiatus a couple of years ago, was because we went through a couple of miscarriages.  I say “we” because it affected the whole family…and was just as hard and devastating for GadgetMan as for me.  This time around, we’re very much aware that anything can happen…and I’m not blind to the fact that this one might not work out…but I refuse to live in fear or guilt.  Nor do I wish to live the next couple of months worrying about what I say in order to keep a secret.  We’re going to celebrate for as long as I’m able to carry this miracle and keep moving forward in faith…one step at a time!  And we’re inviting all who know us to celebrate with us!  This little one…if all goes well…will probably be our last.  That’s another reason to celebrate every minute of it.

A few weeks ago I came downstairs to find this from GadgetMan.

This was before we knew we were pregnant, but I’d been having a couple of difficult days.  His response when I asked him why?  “Because sometimes you just need to know you’re special.”  Isn’t he wonderful?!?

This first part of pregnancy is turning out to be a lot more difficult then I remember the others being.  Maybe I’m not remembering them correctly, or maybe my tolerance level is a lot lower…or maybe I’m just getting old.  In any case…I’m feeling a greater need to be pampered this time around.  Banana flavored popsicles…pecan cookies…various crackers…and chicken soup.  The list will grow I’m sure…but as long as GadgetMan is willing to make the store runs, I’m not going to feel all that guilty!



One thought on “Happy Pampering

  1. You can eat all that!?! Jealous! Mine was pretty much otterpops! To this day I don’t want to touch those dang things (4.5 months of stricktly liquid stuff with the occassional meal that stayed down… Yeah, need I say more)… Congrat’s sis. I hope it works out and if not, I am so glad you get to celebrate for a time and that you aren’t feeling guilt or worry. That is a good sign that you are in a good place (good job!!). Love ya!

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