Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Book and movie #2 in the Harry Potter saga.  (You can read my review of #1 here.)  This is the one where Dobby is introduced and Ginny takes a bit more of a role.  Dobby, admittedly, is probably my favorite character.  He’s a lot like the faithful, loyal puppy that tries hard to please but usually ends up tripping everyone up instead.  Plus I love his crazy love for mismatched socks!  FireBird went through a phase of not wanting to ever wear matching socks.  I was a bit sad when she stopped.

Just like the first book, I think this one is a very simple easy read that ultimately doesn’t strain the brain too much.  Quick Review – Harry goes to his second year at Hogwarts even after Dobby tries valiantly to stop him.  Everyone learns he can talk to snakes, he fights a few spiders, several people (including one of his best friends) get petrified, a teacher looses his mind, Harry looses the bones in his arm, he turns into a Slytherin, and he defeats a portion of Voldemort’s spirit in an old diary…oh and rescues Ginny…among other things.  Not too bad for a twelve year old!


For the most part I think the movie followed the book fairly well.  Just as before, it’s impossible to include everything…and everyone has their own expectations.  If you watch the movie expecting it to be just like the book, you’ll be more disappointed then you need to be.  Taken as a movie…and a sequel…and letting yourself just enjoy, I think you’ll find this movie to be fairly fun and enjoyable.  But maybe that’s just me.


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