Mars Needs Moms, Pure Country 2 & Tangled

Finally!  A couple of weeks of fairly decent movies!

Pure Country 2 wasn’t as good as the first, in my opinion, but I wasn’t completely yawning and gagging through it either. I do have to admit that I found myself laughing at the 3 angels.  That was just a wee bit cheesy.  Okay…more then a wee bit.  I did love the music though…and even though I don’t consider myself a modern romantic, I do love true romance (where men act like gentlemen and girls know how to be ladies…or at least they learn how to be so).  Overall I smiled through this movie…which seems to be hard to do lately.


Mars Needs Moms was a pleasant surprise…even if it didn’t quite make my “want it for Christmas” wishlist.  I loved watching my older kidlets’ jaws drop when the mom in this movie disciplined the boy for lying and then sassing.  GadgetJunior glanced at me a few times…probably wondering if I somehow secretly modeled for this character.  (I wish!  The royalties would be nice right about now…)  Some of the attitude and violence knocked my rating down some, but for the most part I enjoyed this movie.


Tangled was a re-watch for us (Netflix has it on instant play right now), but this movie has become one of our  all-time favorites.  FireBird loves and adores anything princess.  She’s a girl after my own heart!  After the Frog Princess flop, I was very pleased to be able to finally be able to add a new Disney fairytale to our wishlists.  This is definitely one we’ll be adding to our home library.


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