ehand I have to admit that I was slightly, slightly disappointed in this movie the first time watching it through. WALL-E is about a little robot that apparently is the last of a fleet of little robots created to clean up the waste on a devastated Earth. It appears that he’s been alone a very long time, and even though he dutifully goes about doing the job he was created for, Wall-E has developed a few human-like qualities. He has learned how to “survive” by replacing old and worn parts salvaged from the other now non-operational robots. His pet is a cockroach. He collects what he thinks are interesting things and saves in his cluttered “home”. And he has a fascination for a really old movie about music, dancing and love.

wall-eI do want to say, I completely fell in love with this little guy, 🙂 despite my slight disappointments. How can you not love and adore such a childlike outlook on “life”? He works hard, takes care of his “pet”, has a wonderful curiosity and is trying to figure out what love is.

That curiosity and desire for love is what propels him into the adventure that ultimately saves humanity and the Earth…and connects him with his “love”. He meets “Eve-A” who was sent to Earth for a “classified” mission…and then follows her back to save her. In his adventure he meets several other robots and gains a little following of “misfits” while trying to “save the girl”…she ends up saving him…but together they somehow save the day…and the Earth.

Ok…now for why I was a tad bit disappointed. I felt like there was some great ulterior motive by a few of the writers…too much “go green or this is the consequence” being force fed throughout the movie. The Earth was a garbage heap…man left for a “5 year vacation” with the plan that someone (thing) else will clean up after them and they’ll return to a paradise. Of course that doesn’t work, so their vacation is extended indefinitely…700years! And of course because it’s a “vacation” there is no work…robots get that responsibility. Communication is even done through technology…no need for human contact. And through a combination of laziness and 700 years in space, the last of humankind are extremely obese.

I just can’t stand that type of “pushing”. Do they really think that humanity can really destroy Earth to that degree? That it would take 700years to begin healing itself? And who in their right mind would allow a 5year “vacation” turn into 700 years?

Ok…I’m past that. I watched it a couple more times (I have 6 kids…of course we’d watch it over and over and over again 🙂 ) and I enjoyed it more and more. I just love the “misfits”…and the little obsessive compulsive cleaning robot. But I think my favorite is Burn-E…the robot trying so valiantly to fix a broken light on the outside of the spaceship. His adventure is highlighted in a “short” on the disc. His “WooHoo” for finally accomplishing the task is perfect! And as for my mini dislike…I’m choosing to make “moral of the story” one that says too much dependence on technology isn’t healthy…too much of a good thing is bad kind of thing.

WALL-E was a fun movie.



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