D.B. Tip #6

Tidy D.B. – a great use for one of those small crockpots!  I think they’re called “little dippers”.  I have one for heating herbs in oils…and it works great for this perfect little D.B. Tip.  Did you know you can use your crockpot as an air freshener?  Seriously!  Who’d have thunked it?  Morning sickness has been very rough the last couple of weeks…and smells have been the worst culprit.  I ran across this perfect idea at A Year of Slow Cooking and can honestly say it’s been a HUGE blessing. 

All it takes is water and baking soda…plug it in and leave the lid off…simple!  You can add any fragrance you want to add wonderful smells to the air while the baking soda is pulling all the funky smells out of the air.  I’ve been using peppermint essential oil, but the possibilities are endless.  I can foresee the addition of eucalyptus for the cold season.  Or geranium or rose for stress/anxiety (not like I have any of that, right?).  Or how about some holiday fragrances…maybe some clove or pumpkin pie spices…or just some simple vanilla?  Yum!

A word of caution though…especially if you use the “little dipper” crockpot.  Keep an eye on the water level.  I let it run dry one day.  Didn’t hurt anything, but it’s made me very cautious about using it over night.  If I need a heavy duty “air refreshening”…maybe when family is visiting or I boil eggs again or something like that…I’ll probably use one of my bigger crockpots so I can leave it running for a lot longer without fear while I’m distracted with other things.  🙂


One thought on “D.B. Tip #6

  1. That sounds like a real winner..Don’t have a little dipper but have one of the small pots to try it…Thanks

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