Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

There are certain events in our lives that burn their memories in our hearts and minds.  Some of them are “sweet and fluffy” like the birth of a child or a perfect gift given.  Some are triumphant, like a hard won victory and a challenge met and conquered.  Some are “bitter – sweet” like hard lessons learned and the loss of a loved one.  And then there are the rare few that have few words to describe them.  They’re the ones that take our breath away, and fill our hearts with indescribable grief and our minds with inconsolable questions.  They’re the ones that make the world stop turning and burn so deep they mark the soul.  They will always be remembered…and never forgotten.

I have a few “sweet and fluffy” memories….I won’t bore you with those…and  I can remember many triumphs like when the Berlin wall came down.  I have more then enough “bitter – sweet” memories…but I only have two of the soul burning memories.  That’s probably a good thing.

I remember in great vivid detail when the Challenger exploded.


I will never forget ten years ago today when the Towers fell.

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

September 11th, 2001…8:46 a.m. Flight 11 crashes into the North Tower…9:03 a.m. Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower…9:37 a.m. Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon…9:59 a.m. the Towers begin to collapse…10:03 a.m. Flight 93 crashes into a field in Pennsylvania…2,819 deaths…343 Firefighters died…23 Police Officers died…people from 115 different countries died…1,609 individuals lost a spouse or partner…3,051 children lost a parent…fires burned for 99 days…1,506,124 tons of debris removed.

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

Where were you?  I will never forget where I was.

GadgetMan was working 3 hours away in another state…only home on the weekends.  I was trying to keep up with a 4 year old, an almost 2 year old, and a new 2 year old “puppy”.  We’d recently suffered a miscarriage.  The kidlets were watching a video (Barney I think), while I was trying to catch up on house work…and feeling more then a little sorry for myself.  I don’t remember who exactly it was that called…my mom or my sister.  She told me to turn on the news…”Which one?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

The first tower was smoking.  No one knew what was going on.  Everyone thought it was a horrible accident.  Everyone was hoping it was a horrible accident.  Flight 175 looks like it’s going to circle.  I thought it was checking out the damage.  It wasn’t.  It didn’t.

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

A plane hits the Pentagon.  Terrorism.  Were other places targets?  I called my husband.  Was he going to make it home?  How was this going to impact his safety? It seems silly now…but someone, in the news, mentioned the possibility of closing borders…including state borders.  Who could have done this?  Why?  Can people really be that heartless?  Could they really be that stupid?

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

The Towers fell.  As if the shock and horror couldn’t get worse.  Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania.  CareBear fell apart.  Her favorite uncle was serving a mission in Pennsylvania.  She may not have understood the full impact of what was going on, but she knew enough to be terrified that someone she loved might be hurt.  I turned Barney back on.  I cried.  I hugged my babies and cried.  Her uncle was safe…but someone else’s uncle…someone else’s aunt, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother…were not.  My own troubles seemed so insignificant.

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

I will never forget how a President became a leader.  I will never forget how a Country became One.  The feelings of unity and charity and patriotism in the days that followed were amazing!  Selfish anger and righteous greed tried to inflict terror and tear our Country apart.  If there is a greater error in judgement, I don’t know it.  We’re not a perfect Country.  We have our disagreements…we have our faults.  But we know how to come together when it really counts.  We may not always remember that…and often I question what our Country is coming to.  But I believe in these words…and I think most Americans do also: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

Looking back, I wish there had been more I could have done. Many selflessly donated blood…mine is always rejected.  I learned later that many volunteered in so many ways.  I wish…but I prayed.  And I remember.  For my children, I remember.  I don’t have the talent of song writing…many others wrote what I felt better then I could have.  I don’t have the talent of leadership…many others stepped up to fill those shoes.  And I’m not all that creative…many others created memorials that echoed my heart.  But I am a Mother.  I can teach my children how to stand, under God, indivisible…how to be proud to be an American.  We fly the flag proudly.  Always.  There are 3 things I want my kidlets to know without a doubt – that I love them and their Daddy Forever and Always; that I love and follow God without reservation; and I’m proud to be an American.

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

September 11, 2001 will forever be burned into my soul…a memory Always Remembered, Never Forgotten!


Added: Some wonderful words by GadgetMan…again he speaks so well what my heart wishes to sing.

“10 years ago today, events unfolded before the eyes of this country and across the world. Acts of intolerance and hate sent thousands to return to God. For me, I will always remember where I was and what I felt. Disbelief that someone would forget what happened as a result of Pearl Harbor. Disbelief that someone could hate so much. And realization that a sleeping dragon would be awakened.

As the day wore on and the weeks played out, I began to see the immediate response in acts of compassion and love bringing together millions in support of those directly affected. I began to see the heroes who selflessly put their lives on the line to save those who could be saved. I began to see the heroes who fought back against further acts of hate, downing the plane in a field, rather than into some other more devastating target. I began to see the heroes who searched, who gave time, who gave blood, who gave food, who gave hugs, who gave support, who gave prayers. I saw compassion and love bring together a nation and to some extent the world, driving away the differences, to unify them in one heart and one mind.

Today will always be for me a very real day in history, a day to remember those who lost their lives, a day to honor the heroes who did whatever they could to help. Today I lower the flag to half staff in remembrance of the fallen till noon, then raise it again to full staff to honor all the heroes of that time.”



One thought on “Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

  1. You both have written very well what is in the hearts of all true Americans. “Never Forget” should truly be an on going Battle Cry from all of us….Thank You for this beautiful tribute …..

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