One to rule them all…NOT!

Chronic/Invisible illnesses really, really, really stink!  (I’m working on a post explaining my own struggle…check back soon) Broken Mind.  Broken Body.  Broken Spirit. I used to believe that health was mostly body driven, and that the greatest happiness comes from … Continue reading

Miss Me?

Eh…probably not…right?

5 years is a long time.

But I’m back…hopefully in a more consistent way.  And ForeverWhy is getting a make-over!  New look and hopefully better…and easier to keep moving forward.  Not sure where this journey will take me…us…but I think I’ve finally ready to figure that out.

So…be honest…what do you think of the new look?

It’s still a work in progress.  I have a bunch of pictures to add.  Slow and steady…right?

Green Tomato Harvest

The killer frost I talked about last time ended my tomatoes in their tracks…and really made me sad.  I was looking forward to all those lovely tomatoes being turned into some very pretty jars of tomatoes.  With GadgetJunior’s help, we managed to pull off a HUGE tub of green tomatoes.  Sadly that was less then half of what had been there…but I was beyond done at the time.  That would have to do for a green tomato harvest.  The question then became – what to do with all those green tomatoes? Continue reading