Green Tomato Harvest

The killer frost I talked about last time ended my tomatoes in their tracks…and really made me sad.  I was looking forward to all those lovely tomatoes being turned into some very pretty jars of tomatoes.  With GadgetJunior’s help, we managed to pull off a HUGE tub of green tomatoes.  Sadly that was less then half of what had been there…but I was beyond done at the time.  That would have to do for a green tomato harvest.  The question then became – what to do with all those green tomatoes?

In the past, I’ve left the tub/box alone in a cool dark garage and most of them would turn.  I didn’t think most of these were close enough to be successful.  I was right.  By the end of the week some of them were already turning bad.  😦  That meant a lot more work to do…and some quick decisions to make.  The easy solution would have been to just toss them.  The Chicken Nuggets probably would have been very happy with that.

Ultimately I decided to sort, clean and try a few recipes.  After all, based on track record, we could probably expect many, many more green tomato harvests.  First we tried simple fried green tomatoes.  They were “okay”, but CareBear was the only one who liked them enough to eat more then one.  In the future, I’ll try a different recipe, but fried green tomatoes will probably never become a family favorite.

I then thought about making some green salsa.  But I’ll be honest.  I have never liked green salsa.  I don’t know why.  Green salsa looks good enough.  But I figured we could try a single batch.  After all…there are 7 others who might really like it.  Thankfully most of those 7 really, really liked it.  So green salsa will stay on the green tomato harvest menu…as long as no one expects me to eat it.

The hands-down, absolute favorite thing I did with the rest of the green tomatoes was to make “mock jam” with them.  I found the recipe here and was very intrigued.  I love raspberry (and blackberry) jam.  It’s one of my weaknesses.  I also love raspberry jell-o.  Another weakness…especially filled with raspberries and topped with whip cream.  Yum!  The kidlets were getting tired of plain honey on their peanut butter sandwiches so I figured, why not?

8 batches…4 raspberry and 4 strawberry/banana…and everyone is very happy!  Who wold have thought you could make fruity jam out of green tomatoes???

Don’t they look lovely?


2 thoughts on “Green Tomato Harvest

  1. Ha! I was going to ask you what was “mock” about the rasberry jam you delivered, but here I have my answer. Genius I tell you! It was so delicious too!! Coolio.

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