A New Year – 2012

I know I’m a wee bit behind on this…but give me a little slack.  🙂  Growing a baby is exhausting work…and I haven’t felt much like blogging.  It is a new year though, and I do have a few plans and thoughts for the year.  Not sure I’d call them resolutions though.

The need to declutter and simplify has come over all of us.  To be fair, there are 8 (soon to be 9) of us living here…and “stuff” is just a part of life.  But lately it’s felt like the “stuff” is multiplying in dark corners and quiet rooms!  The compulsion to save everything “just in case” is now going to be tamed and restricted.

Progress will be slow…I’m not moving all that fast these days…but we’ve decided to dedicate a part of each weekend to dejunking an area.  So far we’ve finished bathrooms and files…small when compared to the whole, but huge if you understand how hard it is for me to get rid of things.  I’ve very good at making excuses…and I can think of a hundred reasons why I “might” need something “someday”.  It’s a wonderful thing to walk into the bathrooms now and not trip over things or spend precious time trying to find something.  The “free and open” feeling is a good thing.

I’m sure it’s going to take the full year (if not some of next as well) to declutter and simplify our home…especially with the LittleStinker joining us this summer…but I’m excited to think how wonderful it will all feel when done!



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