Happy Pampering

For anyone who hasn’t heard the news yet…which I doubt is very many because my simple little blog lacks many visitors at the moment…but just in case there’s one or two who haven’t heard…we’re expecting our 7th kidlet next summer.  Before anyone gets all worried or excited, we are aware that this is an early announcement.  I have a good reason for it though. Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Book and Movie review for Harry Potter #3. (You can find review of #1 here and #2 here.)  I can’t say this is very high on my favorites.  This one was more of a bridge or sideline plot in the Harry Potter saga…at least it seemed that way to me.  I liked it well enough, and it does move the story along by giving a few more pieces of the puzzle regarding what happened to Harry’s parents…but it wasn’t my favorite. Continue reading

A Child…is not a Hostage

…unless you’re talking about food allergies/intolerance/sensitivities.  I spent my birthday night being held hostage to the intestinal pain brought on by something I ate.   But I’m not sure what’s worse.  Being held hostage by this unfair craziness, or watching a child suffer the same fate.  Sometimes life feels very unfair. Continue reading

Healing Ear Pain

Poor CareBear has been suffering for over a week now from one of the upper respiratory illnesses going around.  Don’t worry.  She’s being watched close and is now well on her way to being back to normal.  The downside is that she’s missed a weeks worth of seminary, and had to suffer through her final exams for this block…coughing the whole way through.  (She did very well by the way.)  To make matters worse,  midweek she developed an earache.  I’m sure everyone knows the kind I mean.  The ones that seem annoying at first…during the day…but then turn into wicked torture somewhere around midnight. Continue reading

Cat War!

There is one thing I hate more then anything else…garden related.  Cats!  Strays are horrible and nasty and the worst thing in a garden.  I’m one that believes in being a responsible pet owner.  If you don’t want the pet, be grown up enough to find it a good home.  Don’t just kick it out the door to fend for itself.  And if you do want the pet, be responsible enough to not let your pet cause problems for your neighbors.  Honestly, you’re not doing your pet any favor by letting it roam willy-nilly all over the neighborhood.  Even if it’s a cat.  Especially if it’s a cat!  Do cat owners really think their “wittle bitty kitty” couldn’t ever possibly cause any harm? Continue reading

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

There are certain events in our lives that burn their memories in our hearts and minds.  Some of them are “sweet and fluffy” like the birth of a child or a perfect gift given.  Some are triumphant, like a hard won victory and a challenge met and conquered.  Some are “bitter – sweet” like hard lessons learned and the loss of a loved one.  And then there are the rare few that have few words to describe them.  They’re the ones that take our breath away, and fill our hearts with indescribable grief and our minds with inconsolable questions.  They’re the ones that make the world stop turning and burn so deep they mark the soul.  They will always be remembered…and never forgotten. Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Book and movie #2 in the Harry Potter saga.  (You can read my review of #1 here.)  This is the one where Dobby is introduced and Ginny takes a bit more of a role.  Dobby, admittedly, is probably my favorite character.  He’s a lot like the faithful, loyal puppy that tries hard to please but usually ends up tripping everyone up instead.  Plus I love his crazy love for mismatched socks!  FireBird went through a phase of not wanting to ever wear matching socks.  I was a bit sad when she stopped. Continue reading

A Child…is Growing

That should be obvious, right?  But sometimes just how much a child grows catches me by surprise.  Then on the other hand, when a child doesn’t grow as expected can be worrisome.  Thankfully the latter situation has only happened a small handful of times…and now anyone would be hard pressed to guess which of my children had growing issues.  Keeping up with everyone as they grow, is one area I always feel like I’m stumbling to keep up.  It seems like every time I turn around someone needs new shoes or shirts or pants or socks or…well you get the idea.  What makes me feel really guilty is when a child gets new shoes…and goes up several sizes.  Makes my toes ache. Continue reading

Super Easy Personal Pizzas

If it’s easy and has to do with cooking, then it’s loved by me.  When it’s loved by the kidlets, it’s a bonus!  Pizza should be a no brainer then.  Even when I take the time to make pizza crust (which really is easier then it sounds), pizza is an easy meal.  And when I go all out and make personal size crusts and let them make their own, I become the Mom Hero…at least for that day.  I found an even easier way to make personal pizzas.  Other then lining up the ingredients and oven duty, I don’t have to put any effort in it at all.  Can’t get easier then that! (…except maybe ordering a pizza in…but then I stress about the cost…and having to open the door during a bad hair day…) Continue reading