A Child

“A Child” is my place to talk about parenting and childhood things. Most of the time I’ll be talking about experiences within my own family and trying to share little tidbits of knowledge I gain from those experiences. But with the way the world is, I have no desire to share personal information about my children…so for our own privacy and protection each of us have been given blog-names.

GadgetMan – I did a quick little post (Meet GadgetMan) that explained a lot about my wonderful Hubby. He’s my best friend, and I’m grateful for his help and encouragement. He’s good at solving problems and thrives on good puzzles. Our children squeal with delight and practically knock him to the ground when he comes home…I love that they love him so dearly. From time to time, GadgetMan will add his own thoughts and ideas to this website.

ForeverWhy – That’s me. There’s nothing overly special about me, but I do love my GadgetMan and our kidlets more then can be described. I love God and Our Country and make no apologies or excuses for my beliefs. Gardening has been a joy since I was little, but I think reading and writing are my favorite hobbies. All in all, I try to do the best that I can at any given moment and hope it’s enough.

CareBear – This is our oldest daughter. She has always been a mature little lady and has a great love for taking care of others. She knows her own mind and loves to share her time and talents with those she cares about. She is very creative and sees art in everything around her.  It is a joy to have her as a daughter and I look forward to the joys of watching her grow through these teenage years.

GadgetJunior – This is our oldest son. He loves to discover how things work and enjoys building anything complex and electrical in nature. He’s uniquely aware of how others feel and strives to help whenever he can.  Having a son has been one of my greatest challenges, but I wouldn’t change him (or his brothers) for anything.  The glimpses of the future young man that I have seen, make me proud to be his mom.

KnightJester – This is our second son. His goal for the future is to be a fire fighting, animal rescuing, super hero, construction truck driver. He also loves making people laugh.  Being high functioning Aspergers has had any number of challenges, but his strength of self will conquer any challenge set before him.  His unique way of seeing things has opened the world to us in so many wonderful ways.  I am grateful daily to have him in my life.

FireBird – This is our second daughter.  Just like the legendary Firebird, our little girl can bestow great love and blessings on those around her…or bring down fire and brimstone when displeased. She knows her mind and is strong willed enough to go as far as she wishes in this life.  Her passion for art, nature, Tinkerbell and purple is so much fun…and her love-hate relationship with bugs is an excellent example of her firebird nature.  This bright-eyed beauty is going to take us on an amazing rollercoaster ride through her life…and I intend to enjoy every minute of it, white knuckled all the way.

DoubleD – This is our third son. Our little miracle DareDevil.  There was a time we feared we’d never see him grow into this amazing little boy we have now.  Those first couple of years are a blur, but I am grateful for the experience…don’t want to go through it again, but still grateful for the blessings and growth we made as a family.  He is very smart and such a joy to watch and listen to him discover the world around him.  His passion is anything puzzle and games and at a young age loves to challenge anyone to a game of chess.  It’s fun to watch him do a puzzle upside down or bounce around playing nintendo.  There is also no physical challenge or fear that can hold him back.  Everyone of my gray hairs will be loved because they will be earned by this little man.

LittleMiss – This is our third daughter and the baby of the family.  She is already a strong personality in our home.  Her curious precocious nature is a bright light in our family.  She has a very strong idea of how things should be and she knows how to get her siblings to what she wants.  Life is about learning, laughing and living to the fullest when she is around.  She has a shy shell but when she opens up, the sun shines a little brighter for those she deems worthy to be part of her circle of friends and family.  Smiles are eternal with this little girl in my life.


GadgetMom – GadgetMan’s Mom

SR-SeventyOne – GadgetMan’s Stepdad

GadgetDad – GadgetMan’s Dad

ForeverMom – ForeverWhy’s Mom

ForeverDad – ForeverWhy’s Dad


Brina – Our oldest dog.  She’s a black lab/aussie mix and has been a wonderful addition to our home for the last 10 years.  At the time we got her, GadgetMan was working weekly several hours away.  With 2 young kidlets at home, I needed a dog to help calm my nervous paranoia.  I had been looking for a small dog…all over 2 cities…when we found Brina in the last shelter we looked in.  CareBear loved her at first sight and I think the feeling was mutual.  She’s so mild mannered that after a few weeks we began to wonder if she had no voice….and she tolerated 2 small kidlets climbing all over her…and wanted every stranger to pet on her!  One day some guy came to the door…I assume to sell something…and as soon as I opened the door, Brina tried to go after him…barking in a way I haven’t heard since.  She’s showing her age now, but is still as loving and sweet as ever…unless you’re out to hurt her family.

Sadie Sue – Our other dog.  My brother and sister-in-law own Sadie’s mom…and I have the honor of seeing Sadie shortly after she was born.  I would have loved to be at the actual birth, but there were complications and momma had to have a c-section.  Being a little dachshund, she has already had an injury on her back that resulted in her not being able to move her back legs for a few months.  Thankfully she has made great recovery.  The name?  Anyone who owns a dachshund knows that their tongues are as long as their bodies…and they love to wrap them around ankles.

Briar – Our oldest cat.  He’s a shelter rescue cat we got as a kitten.  Initially he was supposed to go with someone else, but when she came to pick him and his sister up, she said he was too ugly.  I stood there dumbfounded because I thought he was the cutest little fluffball.  Her loss!  Briar is a one man cat…GadgetJunior is the only one he loves.  The rest he tolerates…hence the “brat” name.

Piglet (aka Pig) – Our other cat.  He was rescued as a teeny tiny kitten by one of GadgetMan’s coworkers.  When it became impossible for him to keep the kitten, GadgetMan asked me if we could take him in.  At the time, I did NOT want to add another pet to the mix…but he sent a photo to my computer.  That softened me up enough to agree to take him in for a time..until we could find a forever family.  I guess it’s not too shocking that his forever family turned out to be us.  He’s “pig” because when bottle fed as a kitten, his belly would grow to twice his size…plus he’ll eat just about anything.

ForeverChicks – see Chicken Nuggets


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