One of Those Days


Woke today with a very stiff neck.  But as the morning progressed, it became apparent that I pulled something.  Not sure if that something is in my neck, upper back, or shoulder.  I can’t even say how it happened…but it’s not something that is surprising either.  Not much surprises me much anymore.

So today is a Slow No-Go Turtle kinda day.  Heat, Ice, Meds, and Rest.

I’m only allowing myself small chunks of  activity.  The easy kind of activities.  No lifting, careful bending, and very careful moving.  It’s not uncommon for vertigo to sneak in when something like this happens.  Wouldn’t do any good to start walking around like a drunkin’ sailor, now would it?  Might be amusing…but not really good for me.


One of the small chunks I did manage today, was to pick out the color palette for my little rose fairy.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to sit long enough to paint some.  🙂  Really looking forward to it.  🙂



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