All Settled In…and a New Project

The move took a lot more out of me then expected…and took a lot longer to unpack and settle in then any of us thought.  To be fair…any move is stressful and complicated…and ours was made even more stressful from the circumstances behind it.  No worries though.  Everything is working out for the best…blessings abound.  We’re even all settled in…well…mostly.  There are still a few boxes here and there that need some attention…but it’s okay.  The garage also still needs some heavy organizing…and I’m sure I’ll find some long forgotten treasures…but it’s been too hot to attempt more then a quick shift here and there.  The best thing out of all of this…is how much “stuff” we’ve been able to move on.  If we can’t use it, don’t need it, or don’t really love it…then it can move onto someone else who can use it or needs it or will love it.  My favorite thing about this is that all the things I have loved but needed to be stored away because of lack of room…or too many little ones…is now out and being enjoyed!  And the clutter clearing is refreshing.  I love it!

The other cool thing about our new home, are the wonderful and fun friends that we’re making.  And having the room to have friends visit here.  How cool is it that within the first few days of being here…with box chaos all around…Shay was invited to girls camp; everyone has made cool friends; and we were invited to a 4th of July party?  Guys…I know it seems silly…but this is pretty rare for me.  I’m such a shy introvert…with one of those “faces”…and a crazy chronic illness…that more often then not, others just kind of skip past me.  And unfortunately…my kidlets are my kidlets.  They’re way more outgoing then I ever was…but they still struggle to make friends.  I love that they have connected with some really great friends in our new area.  And I love that we’re not so far from our last area that they can still keep in touch with those friends.

My favorite thing today?  I have finally reclaimed the room that was designated as my project room.  There are still a few things to shift to permanent homes…and a few organizing issues to resettle…but it’s mine.  I love it for a few reasons.  It’s downstairs…located in a place that makes it easy for me to work and still be involved with everyone.  It’s open and non confining.  I have a lot of things stored away in 2 huge file cabinets.  But all of my painting stuff is located right next to my painting table…making it easy, easy to reach everything I need.  Lighting needs a little work…but that’s not too hard to rectify.  In fact…much of the lighting in this house needs some creative help.  But there are a ton of windows to let in natural light.  And I can not wait until the weather cools and we can open everything up!  It’s going to be great!

So…now that my project room is mine again…and all of my painting stuff has been found and put in its place…I can start painting again…and feel good about it.  🙂  This sweet girl (below) is going to be my 1st project in our new home.  Sorry for the poor quality picture.  😦  We’re planning on getting a great camera…but it’s a bit lower on our priority list right now.  What colors do you think?  I have a few ideas, but haven’t nailed them down yet.  I’ll keep everyone posted on her progress.  I’m also looking at starting a huge project for Christmas…just not sure how to go about that yet.  🙂

Love to all!



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