Cat War!

There is one thing I hate more then anything else…garden related.  Cats!  Strays are horrible and nasty and the worst thing in a garden.  I’m one that believes in being a responsible pet owner.  If you don’t want the pet, be grown up enough to find it a good home.  Don’t just kick it out the door to fend for itself.  And if you do want the pet, be responsible enough to not let your pet cause problems for your neighbors.  Honestly, you’re not doing your pet any favor by letting it roam willy-nilly all over the neighborhood.  Even if it’s a cat.  Especially if it’s a cat!  Do cat owners really think their “wittle bitty kitty” couldn’t ever possibly cause any harm?

I shouldn’t have to build a net structure over my garden.  I shouldn’t have to worry about diseases that can cause miscarriage and asthma.  But I do…because of neighbors who have no respect for anyone…even their cats.  They eat my seedlings, dig up my seeds, crap in my nice dirt, and pee on everything!

This is what I found a few days ago.  Not sure if the wind ripped a hole, or if a cat figured out how to break through.

NOT happy!

This is NOT a good thing.  Cat pee kills seeds and soil…and cat crap carries all kinds of diseases.  Not to mention the smell!  Plus from here, the stupid beast could work it’s way to the Chicken Nuggets.  I’m just glad the Nuggets are big enough now to give most cats pause.

The 100+ temperatures are shortly coming to an end.  I’m seriously considering renting some traps and turning the offenders over to the SPCA.  Maybe if I do that enough the irresponsible pet owners will get a clue.

Probably not…


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