Chicken Nugget Therapy

Earlier today I had a wonderful talk with my grandmother.  We talked about how GadgetMan still loves his job and how the kidlets are doing…all the typical stuff that grandmas want to know.  The last couple of weeks have been more then a little crazy around here…with school schedules moving into full swing and DoubleD’s brush with pneumonia…so there was plenty to talk about.  At one point, Grandma wanted to make sure I was taking care of myself.  “You make sure you take time for yourself and get away every so often.”  I calmly answered, “Don’t worry.  (GadgetMan) takes good care of me and makes sure I get out at least once a week.  Plus I have my garden set up so that I can sneak out and do some quiet weeding.  And on really hard days I can always go out and sit with the chickens.”  Silence…then sounds of gasping for breath…

“Grandma?”  Great…I’ve apparently given Grandma a heart attack…and I can’t remember Aunt’s phone number!

The gasping quickly resolved into giggling.  “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that before!”  Huh?  Apparently sitting with chickens for a quiet moment isn’t all that common.  🙂  More evidence that I’m just weird I guess.  It’s my own kind of therapy…Chicken Nugget Therapy.  Go ahead…giggle…

But don’t knock it until you try it.  It’s amazing how calming chickens can be.  6 months ago, if anyone would have told me I’d be doing this, I probably would have had my own version of a heart attack.  Now I take my little blue chair into the Nugget Yard, a handful of treats for the chickens, and let everything else go on around me.  Chickens are calm…for the most part…and amazingly quiet.  They have fun personalities and always fun to watch.  Goldie loves to share the gossip, Temperance needs reassurance from time to time, Harmony loves music, Faith needs to remind me she’s the queen of the Yard, and Sass is still sassy.  I enjoy my quiet time with them.  Yep…me…I like my Chicken Nugget Therapy…

…and if that doesn’t work I can always try the other Chicken Nugget Therapy by making a quick trip to McDonalds or something.



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