D.B. Tip #5

Tidy D.B. Tip: Harness the cleaning power of vinegar! Not only as a disinfectant…but to help repel dust!

Remember me bemoaning the change in the Safe Solutions product effectiveness in my garden over here?  I’ve been using this particular product for years for more then a garden pest solution.  It’s supposed to be a good general all purpose cleaner.  Mixed with several drops of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract)  and I felt fairly confident with how clean my home was.  But after the recent garden disaster, I’ve been forced to rethink me thoughts.  Even if Safe Solutions was still doing a good job at cleaning…and I know the disinfecting power of GSE…there would still be a tiny part of me worrying about how clean things really are.

First let me say…there is clean…and there is clean.  Anyone who knows me or has spent any time in my house knows that we are far from the perfect neurotic clean that a part of me is desperately begging to achieve.  Some day I may be able to let that part out to clean to its heart’s content…but with 6 kidlets, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 9 chickens there’s no way I can give in without a total loss of sanity.  That being said…anyone stopping by can expect a certain level of crazy clutter taking place at all hours of the day (and night).  But I can also say with confidence that anyone stopping will find that my house is a microbe clean zone.  DoubleD’s health issues makes this vital.  That’s also why I need to be 100% confident that whatever cleaning product I use is not only chemically safe, but also extremely effective.

So it’s back to a simple solution…vinegar.

Not my favorite smell…though I know it’s effective…I can also add GSE to feel even more confident…and adding peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil helps considerably with the smell while using it.

That’s how I discovered the dust repelling benefits of vinegar.  After wiping all the surfaces in the family room, a week later the dust still hadn’t accumulated appreciably.  Everyone living in our area knows how horrible the dust is here.  Watching DoubleD struggle to breathe when dust levels are particularly high, makes any dust in our home one of my personal enemies.  Keeping it away all the time is impossible, but having to wipe dust away only once a week or every other week instead of daily is a blessing!

Fill a cleaning bucket with warm water, add some vinegar…and any smell altering essential oil you like…soak a soft cloth and then wipe to your hearts content.  That simple.

(Disclaimer – I don’t know what this would do to expensive wood…or any other product/material with “expensive” as a descriptive word…we’re not blessed to have that kind of income.  If you are, spot test in a hidden place first.)


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