Skyline and Red Riding Hood

Two movies that GadgetMan and I watched over the last week.  Two movies I could have lived without.  Two movies…one left feelings of disappointment, the other feelings of incredulity.  Any guess as to which was which?

If you haven’t guessed already, I tend to like a bit of the crazy, weird movies.  Throw some sci-fi or fantasy in and I’m usually happy.  The problem with this genre though, is there tends to be some off the wall crazy, weird that falls into the stupid.  Skyline is basically about a group of individuals trying to survive an alien invasion…aliens here to harvests human brains to power their alien machines/beasts.  I did mention crazy, weird, right?  The special effects were pretty good.  I didn’t particularly like the violence, but not unexpected…and for the most part there really wasn’t a lot of gore.  At least not initially.  The ending ruined the whole thing.  There did come a point where I started wondering how they were going to defeat the aliens and live happily ever after…but the ending was so abrupt and stupid!  It’s like they said “Oops!  Ran out of money! End it!”  After Knowing, I didn’t think there was much that could surprise me…and leave me feeling a bit betrayed…and a whole lot of STUPID!  Don’t waste your time…those are a couple of hours I wish I could get back…and some memories I’d love to burn from my mind!


I did mention crazy, weird…right?  Red Riding Hood wasn’t nearly as bad as Skyline.  The ending was a bit disappointing, but not completely surprising…at least not when you add crazy, weird into the equation.  And what else can you do when the wolf in this fairy tale is retold as a werewolf?  I guess I just expected a bit more.


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