Chicken Nugget Growth Update

I can’t believe it’s been another 3 weeks since I last updated with pictures of the Nuggets.  Though I suppose we have been a bit busy and distracted…and truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot of rapid growth now like before.

I think Faith has had the biggest growth.  She’s a little bit bigger then the others and her voice has changed quite a bit from the soft little peeps to the deeper chicken clucks.  She’s also decided that her attitude needed to change with her size…she’s a whole lot more bossy then before.  Probably because she has more weight to throw around.  🙂

Can chickens have ADHD?  If they did, then I’d say Hope is definitely ADHD.  She always seems to be moving…and always seems to be running to get everywhere at the same time!  Even when I hold her, she is constantly moving her head all over the place.

Since loosing Charity, Goldie has been demanding more and more of my time when I’m out in the Nugget Yard.  She’s still a bit skittish about wanting to be touched…but she lets me hold her…all the while cheeping and clucking like she has the best gossip to pass on.

I think the dynamics in the Nugget order has changed some.  Sass no longer asserts her dominance over everyone (Goldie never let her get away with that).  I wonder if she’s gone through a bit of depression since loosing Charity…her best friend.  She’s not letting the others pick on her…but I often see her hanging out alone.  And when I go into the Nugget Yard she turns her back on me…instead of running over for a tasty treat.  Can chickens hold grudges?  She’s still my beauty though.

The five americaunas (if that’s what they really are) are still hard to tell apart.  The Duo seem to be a bit smaller and thinner then the others.  GadgetMan thinks that we should name those two Patience and Humility.

I need to wait until they’re bigger…and hopefully easier to tell apart…before I settle on names. The only exception is the one we’ve been nursing back to health.  GadgetMan suggested Temperance…and it stuck.  She’s doing much better and the fears of broken bones or damaged nerves have been soothed over the last couple of days.  I’ve been letting her out a bit in the evening to stretch a bit and I’ve been very happy to see her put more and more weight on her injured leg.  The only downside is that if she completely looses the limp…then I’ll have trouble telling her apart from her sisters again!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Nugget Growth Update

  1. You could put some kind of color coded leg band on them to tell them apart…They are all looking really good..

    • That’s a very cool idea! Hmmm….wonder what’s the best way to do that…time to do a bit of researching. 🙂

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