Love and Loss

Everyone has, at one time or other in their life, met someone special.  These special someones bring out the best in us, and in turn become a part of our hearts.  And, as all do, there comes a time when they depart this life for another.  And, no matter how we dress it, there is pain felt deeply from our parting.  There is nothing wrong with this pain, for it shows how much we loved.  And those who have moved on do not want us to diminish that Love.  And though, at these times, it hurts to have loved, neither do they wish that we barricade our hearts that other special someones cannot enter in.  To close ourselves off from the pain is also to close ourselves off from the Love.  So it is that we find, to Love another is to enjoy our time together, be it short or long, and to grieve in season when we are parted.  For without Love, life is naught but loneliness and pain.

Thoughts by Gadgetman


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