My Summer Garden

It’s not exactly were I wish it could have been…but it’s doing very well for the late start I gave it this year.  The recent monsoon rains that we got gave it an amazing boost.  I love how green it is right now.


CareBear was amazed at how big the leaves are getting!

If I can keep the “squash bugs” away, we might get some great pumpkins by Halloween this year.  🙂

A little more hopeful seeing this new growth on the zucchini plant.

CareBear wanted to grow gourds…for Christmas projects.  I’ve never grown them before…but looking forward to the adventure!  🙂

I believe these are the cucumbers.  CareBear took the pics…and the melons and cucumbers have sort of grown together.

There’s melons in there somewhere – watermelon and my crossbreed “waterloupe”.


Slow and steady with my tomato plants…

Aren’t they pretty?


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