Nugget Update

I hadn’t realized it’d been so long since I updated how the chickens were doing.  The girls are now about 8 weeks old, and they’re far from the little fluffs we started out with.  For the most part the coop was completed last weekend.  There’s a few minor things to finish, but nothing that stopped us from moving them outside for good.  They’ve been in the Nugget Manor for about a week, and the only thing we’ve had to really worry about has been the heat.  116 degree weather makes all of us more then a little bit cranky.

When we have the Nugget Manor and Nugget Yard finished and the way I want it, I’ll post more detailed pictures.  For now this is the best I’ve got.  The red light on the left isn’t being used right now…the girls wouldn’t settle down at night while it was on.  I don’t think our temps at night are anything to be concerned about though.  We might need the heat in the winter though so for now the light is staying there.  The pole and “line” in front of the coop is the temporary mister set up.  They’ll be settled in permanetly as the yard is completed.  For now the misters and the fan are helping to keep the girls cool.  They also get fresh tubs of water every hour or two…sometimes with ice.  Just a wee-bit spoiled, maybe?  See the little black looking out by the chicken door?  She waiting for me to come give her some attention.  Spoiled!  🙂

Miss Sassafras or “Sass”


Little Red (Riding Hood) – the large black sex-link

One of the Americaunas.  She likes to jump and splash in the water tubs.  There are two Americaunas that are friendly (I’m pretty sure this is one of them), one that is a little more stand-offish who likes to watch everyone from up high…and then there are the Dastardly Duo…

I think these are the Duo.  Not 100% sure about the one on the left…but the small one on the right is for sure a Duo.  They’re still plucking feathers and creating a bit of a nuisance.

The little black is being plucked bare…and now the middle black is loosing a few feathers.  I was hoping having more room in the coop would curb this…and I do understand the whole pecking order thing…but unchecked this little one could be in serious trouble.  I’ve put a few things in the coop that are supposed to help…and I’ve coated the victims in gentian violet and vapor rub.  I may have to use duct tape to make a “saddle” to protect them for a while.  I’m also highly considering removing the worst of the Duos.  I want GadgetMan to build me a brooder box…which I think would work nicely to isolate the trouble maker.  The theory is that doing this will remove her from the pecking order and will cause her to be knocked down a peg or two when she’s reintroduced.  *sigh*  Raising chickens was supposed to be no fuss, no muss.

Being bullied hasn’t stopped the little black’s spirit!  She loves the attention the kidlets and I are showering her with.  I’m sure she’d love to be a house chicken…and the kidlets would love it…but uhmmm…that’s NOT going to happen!  She is a sweetie though…and I do enjoy holding and petting her.

All in all, the girls seem to get along and I think the Chicken Nugget adventures are good for all of us.


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