All Things Old

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fascination and love for old places and things.  History was always one of my favorite subjects in school.  I enjoy wondering how people might have lived in any given time in the past…wondering who might have walked here or who used this and what they thought while they were doing that.  Visiting old “ghost towns” is my idea of a fun holiday…and I could blissfully spend hours walking through old cemeteries.

Last May, family came for a visit and took all of us out to Goldfield…an old mining town (now open to tourism with a few fun things to do like take a train ride and walk through a mine).  It’s not a very big old town.  In fact you could probably walk the length and back in under 5 minutes.  But I loved every minute of it!

Any thoughts on what this might be?

The first Easy Bake Oven?  😀 😀 😀

It takes about 60 years for the saguaro cactus to develop it’s first branch.  Makes you wonder how old this one is and who was there when it was small.



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