Shorts and Veggies

Been a while, but I think we actually enjoyed our Netflix choices this week.

For the kidlets we watched Veggie Tales-The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s.  Just like all the other Veggie Tales, we had a lot of fun with this one.  Young Darby lives on a floss farm with his dad.  When his dad won’t let him spend his savings on the fun adventure park, he takes the money and runs away.  A tornado takes him and his pet pig “over the rainbow” where he journeys with the scarecrow, tin man and lion to get the Wizard of Ha’s to grant them all their wishes.  Just like the parable of the Prodigal Son, Darby discovers that his dad hadn’t been as wrong as he thought.  He also discovers that a dad’s forgiveness and love is a wonderful thing.  My favorite part though…wasn’t in the movie…it was the Silly Song by Larry.  “If it doesn’t have a tail it’s not a monkey! If it doesn’t have a tail it’s an ape!”


With our track record lately of bad movies, I was cautiously optimistic with our second movie choice.  Shorts wasn’t very well known…and not really advertised around here.  I think we saw a quick preview at a Harry Potter movie.  At the time it had sparked a bit of an interest for me, but then quickly forgot about it.  Now I kind of wish I’d remembered earlier.  Shorts was actually kind of cute.  Not necessarily something I’d go out of my way to add to our home library, but it was fun to watch.  The movie bounces around a bit with a series of “shorts” that tell the story about a group of kids who find a rainbow colored rock that grants wishes.  Perhaps the disjointed bouncing around is what turned people away from this movie…but if you’ve ever had a 10 year old boy, you know that’s pretty much how they tell any story!


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