72 Hour Kits and the Allergy Monster

There are many many reasons that I know of for having Emergency and 72 Hour Kits…and probably many many more reasons I haven’t even thought of.  I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that the closest we are to having these kits is the stack of camping stuff buried in the garage.  Dealing with a disaster, I think, would be easier then digging that stuff out!  Now some of you are thinking “Wait a minute!  You’re supposed to be the Ward Emergency Preparedness Specialists!”  Ya, well…let’s not even think about that right now.  Let’s just talk about why I don’t have these kits put together.

It’s overwhelming for one thing…and in some twisted part of my mind I actually think I’m helping my family by not having the 72 Hour Kits set up.  Seems crazy doesn’t it?  But here’s where that thinking comes from – every time we’ve followed the council to put together a year supply of food…just as I add that last little bit to it…something ALWAYS happens to cause us to need that food supply.  Ya, I know!  That’s what it’s for, right?  And I know it’s crazy thinking…but it’s one of the reasons I keep dragging my feet on putting together the Kits.  I know that as soon as I do, something will happen!

I’m going to close my eyes and clamp down on the craziness and work on putting them together.  Maybe…

Now to just work through the overwhelming part.  At one time we thought we’d just get everyone backpacks.  Have you seen how expensive those things are???  Another thought was to use one of the camping backpacks we got for GadgetMan and the boys to use for scouts.  Did I mention where the camping stuff currently is?  Buried in the garage that is a black hole in the making.  Plus, the chance that a disaster would hit while GadgetMan was home to put that on his back is quite small…and there’s no way I could carry that thing very far empty, let alone stuffed full of the stuff we’d need.  Then a couple of days ago I had an “AhHa” moment.  I’m going through about 1 bucket of wheat every 6-8 weeks…so I have a ton of those type of buckets in the garage.  (I did mention the almost black hole, right?)  Plus CareBear used something similar for Trek.  They were perfect because all their stuff stayed dry when they had a water leak all over their cart and the buckets worked great as seats or little tables.  So I’m thinking this might be the perfect solution for our 72 Hour Kits.


Now I’ve hit another quagmire of overwhelmingness.  I suppose I should be partly pleased by this because if it was too easy then I’d know something was wrong.  Right?  There are so many wonderfully convenient food products out there.  Cups of this and bags of that and boxes of rolled things and packages of bar things galore.  Problem is…they don’t work for our family.  Stinks!  Almost all of those things contain one ingredient or another that would make more then one of us very unhappy.  So now you’re thinking, “It’s just 72 hours…you can handle those things for just 72 hours”.  Ummmm…nope.  Ever been stuck in a box with a ticked off, wet and rabid wolverine?  Technically I haven’t either…but it’s really not all that hard to imagine…especially if you live with a kidlet who has dye and food additive sensitivities…or if you’ve had the joyful opportunity to watch all kinds of nature shows with another kidlet who loves those kinds of things.  So stretch your imagination a minute and think about what it would be like to be stuck in a box with a ticked off, wet and rabid wolverine.  Now imagine that someone does you the inane favor of dropping a half-crazed skunk into the box.  The kind of half-crazed that comes from being shook up in a bag of cow dung for 5 minutes…before being dropped in the box with you and that ticked off, wet and rabid wolverine just when you thought it couldn’t get worse.  See what I mean?  This is what I’d be faced with if a disaster hit and we had to live off most of those prepackaged convenient foods out there for even just a few hours let alone 72.


Now what?

Besides wanting to lock a few of the “powers that be”, who think all these food dyes and additives are great and wonderful in the box with the ticked off, wet, rabid wolverine and the dung covered, half-crazed skunk…honestly…I don’t know yet.  If anyone has any great ideas, please share.  Otherwise…I’ll let you know what we decide…and hopefully be able to share a great solution that will inspire you to put together your own Emergency and 72 Hour Kits.  Better yet…feel inspired now and put together a kit to show me how it’s done!  🙂


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