Hornet, Huckle and Scooby-Doo

One turned off without finishing and the other 2 watched over and over…and over.  It’s a good thing I like the two well enough to handle the repetitions.  Or maybe it’s a certain puppy-eyed look from a certain sick little kidlet…one of those 6 certain kidlets I love so dearly.  🙂

I’ll get this one out of the way first.  The Green Hornet was a disappointment.  Granted most of the time I’m only so-so when it comes to “hero” movies, but when the majority of the Amazon reviews are 1 star ratings, I think that’s saying something.  I hate when a movie feels like it has to make up for a bad script and acting by throwing foul language, gross innuendos and childish behavior at the audience.  It only makes it worse.  Obviously this was turned off within the first half hour.


Can you believe Scooby is almost 40 years old?  Makes me feel old…  What amazes me more, is how much these shows are still loved today.  Some of the newer ones aren’t very good and aren’t watched here.  But the original ones and the newer “What’s new Scooby Doo?” are watched over and over again.  LittleMiss told me today that these shows don’t scare her because she’s “bigger then them and can squish them easy”.  Then to prove her point, she walked over to the tv and “squished” the Scooby monster under her hand.  🙂  It’s kind of nice enjoying one of my own childhood joys with my kidlets.


LittleMiss has had a bit of a tummy bug this last week.  Snuggling and watching tv/movies all day is one of the best remedies around here.  Especially since I get to do the snuggling.  🙂  Busytown Mysteries is one of the shows she has needed to watch over and over.  Obviously to an adult the mysteries are very simplistic and almost beyond silly…but to a child, especially a child who loves mysteries, Busytown is a lot of fun.


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