Summer/Fall Garden

With all the busy craziness happening here, my poor garden (and yard) has been shamefully neglected.  Our hydroponics experiment had many successes and a few failures.  Earlier this year we reevaluated my garden and decided to redo a few things.  This worked great when we decided to start the chicken nugget adventure…our redesign didn’t take much to adjust for the chickens.  Unfortunately, redesigning also delayed my garden this year.  Not ideal, but life happens and we move on.  🙂

With much hard work from GadgetMan, the kidlets and even GadgetMom and SR-SeventyOne, I was finally able to plant last weekend.  My garden space is about 45′ by 15’…fenced in and covered with bird netting to keep the neighborhood cats out.  That’s now divided roughly in half.  One half has been turned into a simple in the ground garden…built up and enriched.  Next to that, and just before the dividing fence, will be an area for a hydroponics table.  The rest of the area is being set up for the chickens.  Over time, tables will be added to the chicken area as well…tables with cages to keep them out of my herbs and starter/prep area.  Maybe a bit optimistic…but that’s what I love about gardening.

Over the weekend I planted peppers, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, gourds (CareBear wants to make Christmas gifts from them), zuchinni, tomatoes, strawberries and passion fruit.  The strawberries were a Walmart clearance and were pretty dried out, so they might not grow…but I couldn’t pass up the “try”.  I’ve tried passion fruit in the past and never had the seeds sprout, but again worth another “try”.  There’s another section that needs some grass removal…when that’s done I plan on planting some beans and peas…Septemberish.

On a good note…my fruit trees seem to be doing really well.  I worried there a bit after our unusual freezes during the winter.  The pomegranate is on the off year, which is a little sad because of last years heart rot problems.  But the handful we get this year will be greatly loved.  🙂  And finally after almost 6 years, my ruby red grapefruit tree is starting to do very well.  The best though are the grapevines.

Underneath all that growth are tons of yummy looking grapes!


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