A Child…is Universal

Watching my kidlets interact with the new chicks has been an enjoyable thing.  CareBear wants to jump in and do everything with them.  GadgetJunior doesn’t thinks he’s too old to show interest in them…though I’ve caught him watching when he didn’t think I was there.  KnightJester started out being really nervous around them, but he’s facing his fears and learning to relax around them.  FireBird is a natural animal person.  The chicks stay so calm around her, it’s really amazing to watch.  DoubleD and LittleMiss are learning patience and gentleness.  Adding “the girls” to our family, will teach us many lessons I think.

There have been several times over the last couple of weeks where everyone else is away doing other things…or sleeping 🙂 …and I’ve had the chance to sit here in a quiet house watching and listening to the chicks.  One of the things I’ve marveled over is how like children they are.  They’re filled with an abundant level of energy which is refueled by a quick catnap.  What someone else has must be better then what they have.  Being alone is scarey.  Picking on someone is always better in groups.  I don’t need Mommy…as long as I can see her.  Speak softly until someone steps on you…then it’s permissible to let everyone know how horrible it was.  Table manners need practicing.  Showing off is fun.  And my favorite…scary dreams are made better with a snuggle buddy or two.  I’m actually looking forward to what else these little girls can teach/show us.

Sorry the picture’s kind off blurry…but this is little “Goldie” when we first brought them home.  We were told that they were about a week old.

Here she is a week later (about 2 weeks old) with pretty wing feathers coming in.

3 weeks old…look at how much she’s grown!

This is “Sass”…I’ll admit it…she’s my favorite!

The Americaunas have beautiful feathers too…but they’re sporting the mad scientist look that tends to give us all the giggles.  🙂

The blacks seem to be at about where the others were last week, with tiny tail and neck feathers starting to grow.  I’m thinking they might be more salt and pepper instead of almost all black.  This little girl loved to spread her wings for the camera!


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