A Child…is not a Fluffball

But a chick is.

Last Saturday we took the plunge and got 10 little fluffball chicks.  We’d been contemplating getting chickens for a few weeks.  I did my usual research until the topic cries for mercy research and talked with GadgetMom (who has raised chickens) until I’m sure she was ready to turn off this broken record.  So the only thing left (from my pre-prep perspective) was to make sure that the kidlets (particularly DoubleD) were not allergic.  Saturday morning I finally got a hold of a friend who had just started raising chickens herself and her husband graciously let me herd my own little brood over to check for allergic reactions.  Thankfully no one was.

Our chicken adventures were now a go.  The next step was to decide if we were going to try to find laying ready chickens or start with chicks.  Obviously getting chicks would delay the return in eggs, but our heat right now would most likely reduce laying anyways.  Plus we needed a few weeks to get their coop ready.  Getting chicks would be cheaper, allow them and the kidlets to get used to each other and hopefully build a better bonding experience.  What sealed the deal for me was a quick stop at the local feed store.  They had 3 breeds…Black Sex-links that are really good layers…Orpingtons…and Americaunas that lay pretty blue/green eggs.  I had been secretly hoping we could find some Americaunas after doing my research.  The feed store said that it was very rare for them to have this breed in because it is so very popular.  I took that as a sign.  🙂

The feed store gets their chicks with a 97% guarantee that they’re girls.  So we picked 10 to ensure we’d get enough girls for our wants – 5 Americaunas, 3 Blacks and 2 Orpingtons.

Needless to say, our kidlets are so excited.


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