A Child…is Adorable

ahand The other day, GadgetMan and I snuck out to do a little shopping.  The shopping center that we went to has a few round sculptures outside some of the doors.

On our way in, a young family was coming out.  In the cart sat an adorable little boy.  He couldn’t have been more than a year old and was probably a couple of months younger than that.  The instant he saw these large sculptures his eyes lit up and he got so excited.  “Ball!” he kept yelling in his tiny little voice.  He wanted that large “ball” more than anything.  If he’d had a little more growth and strength, he’d have been climbing out of the cart like lightning.

How a like children are!  I’ve seen all of my children react in a similar way when spying something fun looking.  They may not understand what they’re seeing, and they may not have the ability to handle it either.  But that doesn’t matter…it’s too fun to not get excited over.  Adults often think they have it better…after all, they don’t get excited over stone versions of a favorite toy.  But I wonder if the world would be a happier place if us adults remembered how much fun it really is to be excited over the simple things.



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