Bees Anyone?

ohand This was a few months ago, but it was scary and amazing and very cool.  CareBear went out to check her butterfly garden visitors and nearly ran into this:

A bee swarm!  Doesn’t that look pretty cool?  They’re hanging on my grape vine trellis.   I’ll admit, at the time, I was quite a bit more panicky about it.  It’s not everyday I find a swarm of bees in my garden.  I was worried that they’d set up shop somewhere close…like in the attic or cinder-block walls.  GadgetMan and my grandfather are/were allergic to bees and I’m in no hurry to find out if any of the kidlets are too.  There’s also the fear of Africanized bees in our area, but I was reassured by a bee person that if CareBear had gotten so close they were just “harmless honey bees”.

Even though I sure didn’t want them to build a hive in my yard, I didn’t want them to be exterminated either.  If there wasn’t the allergy issue and if I had more room, I’d seriously consider having a few hives.  So I tried to find a local beekeeper who’d come collect them, but by the time I came close (about 12hrs) they were gone….just as quick as they appeared.  I should have set up the camera.  I would have loved to see them swarm away…and in which direction they took off.


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